Share in the Magic of the performance!

“Sharyvary” noun (deriving from the French word “Sarivari”)

1. a performance comprised of tricks that lead one after the other all the while increasing in tempo and difficulty. Each trick seemingly competes with the rest in originality, creativity, and excitement. Leading up to a grand finale equivalent to that of a firework extravaganza.

The circus is a unique way of expressing yourself.
I am one of those many individuals who dreamed to study at the Moscow State Circus school, and one of the very few that made that dream a reality. I have knowledge of all general circus acts ranging from juggling to balance, acrobatics, and even object manipulation… the list goes on.

My greatest knowledge is in my ability to teach others. Many of my students perform around the world in prestigious circuses. I love teaching very much as well as performing and bringing smiles to people’s faces.
The best compliment I ever received describing my performance was:
“We thought that we hired a clown but you are the whole circus”.

Take the chance to participate in my circus show.
Express yourself through the performance no matter your height, size, or weight!